Your Competitive Edge For Better Sound

Commuter Subway
When we're on the go, we're surrounded by noise. It is particularly a problem when you are on the phone or listening to music.

Syfx enables you to always clearly and distinctly hear sound by automatically responding to environmental noise.

It makes consumer audio products more fun and enjoyable to use, encouraging longer and more frequent use. You can always hear the quietest portion of the sound, and the loudest portion is never too loud. And it does this while protecting your hearing, a growing concern with portable audio headphone use.

Syfx has developed a versatile, highly flexible architecture that enables improving sound in any consumer audio product. An ordinary microphone can be made "super" improving their use in speakerphones and camcorders. Home theater systems can be provided that always provide just the right sound — not too loud and not too soft.

Other products such as telephones, TVs, radios, PA systems, or laptop computers — all can benefit. Syfx's proprietary technology has resulted in multiple patents issued and pending.

Syfx - changing the way the world hears